We are Australia's premier student hackathon!

Teams have roughly 48 hours to design and build something awesome. It can be anything - a website, a mobile application, a video game, or even something hardware. The important thing is that it needs to work when it is presented to the judges.

Whether you are an avid programmer or a first-time hacker, UNIHACK welcomes everyone, regardless of skill level. You will have the opportunity to build, collaborate and learn from your fellow hackers and mentors at the event. The event will also have a number of tech talks throughout to help participants learn new or extend their existing skills.

It will be a virtually hosted event open to all AU/NZ students. If you are in Melbourne, Australia - there is also a physical hub that you may choose to compete at.

Detailed info @ https://unihack.net


Submissions from people who do not meet the UNIHACK eligibility criteria will not be included.

In addition to details about your project and how you built it, you must also provide the following:

  1. A list of all third-party material and APIs, including anything that was purchased.
  2. A public link to your repository
  3. Images and/or screenshots of your project
  4. A video that features your pitch and demonstration of your project in action

Your video and link to the repository must be accessible between the judging period.

Whilst optional, we strongly suggest having a live working copy of your hackathon project available during the judging period, allowing the judges to actually visit and try the app for themselves. It will only need to be up during the judging period. Afterwards, you can tear it down again.

You must also fill in the required fields with your DevPost submission to help us speed up the judging process. The information you provide will be used to create summary cards for the judges, allowing you to focus on the more important things during your pitch.


You are required to produce a video for of your project. This video will be considered as your pitch to the judges and must:

  • be three minutes maximum; and
  • include a demonstration of your hackathon project (i.e. it cannot solely be a video with you talking to slides).

If your video is longer than the maximum allocated time, then judges will stop watching your video after the first three minutes.

We also strongly encourage you keep the video up after the event. This will help us for marketing and promotion of future UNIHACK competitions.

Hackathon Sponsors


$16,940 in prizes

First Place

- $4000 cash
- Sennhesier HD350 Wireless Heaphones for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Second Place

- $2000 cash
- Ember Smart Mug for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Third Place

- $1000 cash
- Amazon Echo Dot with Clock for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Best Design

- Blunt Metro Umbrella for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Most Creative Idea

- Elgato Stream Deck Mini for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Social Impact Prize

- Frank Green Tea Set for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

First Timers Prize

To be eligible, at least 50% of your team must have not attended a hackathon.

- $100 Prezzee Gift Card for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Most Entertaining Pitch

- Edifier G1000 2.0 RGB Speakers for each team member
- HEX Swag Pack + Interview on their 'Friends of HEX' vodcast
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

People's Choice Award

- An Oodie for each team member
- Free Personal Branding Micro Course from HEX

Most Healthy Hack (Miga)

We're looking for something that helps people live a healthier life. It could help people be more in control of their health. Or it could be something that improves the health systems around them.

- $1000 for the entire team

Creative Data-Driven Pitch Prize (PwC)

We are looking for the most compelling and quality pitch that incorporates data analytics and visualisation elements! Tell us your story, sell your idea to us and don't be afraid to get creative and incorporate digital tools and technology!

- Jabra Elite 7 Pro ANC True Wireless ANC In-Ear Headphones
- Corsair K65 RGB Mini 60% Mechnical Keyboard
- Logitech G502 X Wired Gaming Mouse

(One item per person, subject to quantity)

Most #Human Prize (Xero)

One of Xero’s core values is #Human. It's the core to the way that we work, think about our customers and treat each other. Xeros are authentic, inclusive and really care. This prize will look at your individuality, showing your authenticity and your unique attributes. It will also look at the empathy of your design, pitch and product. Is it inclusive and approachable? Are you willing to be vulnerable, share fears, failures and learnings?

Prize: 1:1 personalised meeting with three different Xero staff, including:

- a grad advisor to look at your resume and give you job application advice;
- a grad people leader for general career coaching chat and to talk through what to expect in a grad program;
- and, a senior engineer to learn more about engineering at Xero

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:




Judging Criteria

  • Polish, Design, and Execution
    What does the project look like? Is it intuitive, aesthetically pleasing, and accessible? And most importantly, does it actually work?
  • Technical Difficulty
    Does the hack look technically interesting or challenging? Is it simply putting a pretty frontend on an existing API or does it do something more?
  • Originality and Creativity
    How unique is the hack? Does it solve a new problem, or have a new take on an existing problem?
  • Wow Factor
    Does it spark joy? Would this be something you use and show to your friends? Yes, this is totally subjective. But that’s what makes it fun.

Questions? Email the hackathon manager

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